Top Places To Fish In Canada

Top Places To Fish In Canada

Canada offers some amazing fishing destinations across the country. It has a unique geography and hosts some of the most beautiful natural marvels.

The fast flowing Prairie rivers, ocean fishing on the coasts or northern lakes, Canada’s beautiful hunting destinations attract fishers to come back over and over again. Some of the best places to fish in Canada are listed below.

1. Lake of the Woods in Ontario

Top Places To Fish In CanadaThe lake of the woods touches the US border. It is a dream destination for the ice fishermen and includes a plethora of resorts. A number of resorts provide transportation to the heated huts. The season for ice fishing begins in the month of December and ends in the month of March. You can drill your own holes to maximize the fishing potential.

2. The Queen Charlotte Islands of British Columbia

These islands are the homeland of the Haida. These islands remain covered with the mist and they are perched on the edge of the continent. These mystic islands are a perfect destination for the salmon fishing. You will also experience natural, cultural and wildlife diversity in these islands.

3. The Cranberry Lakes in Northern Manitoba

The alluring Cranberry lakes of Manitoba consist of three large lakes. You will navigate through a varied and diverse terrain. The cranberry lakes are famous for their trophy size fishes. Besides the fishermen, the lake systems are also a favorite destination among the kayakers and canoers.

4. Thousand Islands In Ontario

Top Places To Fish In CanadaThe popular thousand island sauce is named after these islands. There are 1864 islands that range in size and terrain widely. Some of the islands are as large as forty square miles. You will witness a number of unique homes and castles when you visit the thousand islands. Besides fishing, you can get involved in a large number of activities such as hiking, kayaking, cycling, golfing, etc. The parks offer quite unique shopping and dining experience as well.

5. North Saskatchewan River of Alberta

The mesmerizing glacier-fed river flows from the Rocky mountains to the Saskatchewan prairies. This eight-hundred miles long river was used an important trade route for many centuries in the past. Fishing on the Saskatchewan River will be an exciting and a challenging experience. You can also try to pull out Sturgeon, a prehistoric fish in the prairies.

6. Great Bear Lake of Northwest Territories

The great bear lake is situated hundreds of miles away from the civilization. It is the largest lake in Canada and fourth-largest lake in North America. You will never forget the serene beauty of the lake. Fishing while watching the breathtaking sunsets, watching the midnight sun and northern lights will make you fall in love with nature.

7. Terra Nova National Park in New Foundland

The national park extends across 400 square kilometers. The spectacular bays and picturesque coastline offer abundant salmon and trout fishing. The Terra Nova National Park also offers a range of adventurous activities like canoeing, kayaking, boating among whales, protruding cliffs, etc. More than a hundred kilometers of trails await for the hikers in the national park.

Before You Go Fishing

Top Places To Fish In CanadaNo doubt that Canada hosts some of the most beautiful fishing destinations. So, next time when you are going out on a fishing adventure, don’t forget to carry your fish finder. It will make your trip more exciting and less frustrating. The SONAR(Sound Navigation and Ranging) will help you locate the fish.  The SONAR uses echoes to reflect the waves back to the transmitter (to know more about the features you should check out this fishfinder guide, the reviews will help you to make the decision easily). The device records the reflected waves and sends signals to the display. The fishfinders use the technologies like radar, electronic compass, and GPS. Nothing can be more fun than being able to see the location of fishes on a display amidst scenic lakes and mountains.