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Car Wrappers Grow In Popularity

Vinyl car wrappers are today one of the most popular choices of car coverings, both for private individuals and for business owners. In fact, leading research company Grand View Research has estimated that the automotive wrap films market will be worth in the region of $17.6 billion By 2027, making it one of the fastest-growing automotive-related sectors in the world.

The question is – why have car wrappers become so popular?

The advantages of vinyl wraps for both private car owners and businesses are plain. For the private individual, the ability to customize a vehicle to suit their individual style and requirements is tremendously attractive. the fact that the process of wrapping an automobile is far quicker (and cheaper) than traditional methods of painting is also an attraction. Vinyl wrap also serves to protect the original paintwork of the automobile – and where a classic or high-performance vehicle is involved that original paintwork can add significantly to the value – if it is kept in pristine condition.

Car Wrappers

The same attractions hold true for the business owner, cost, durability, and attractiveness – however, in the case of a business, there are additional advantages to using vinyl wrap. One of the main advantages is the fact that the vinyl wrap can be designed to feature logos, contact details, and corporate branding – and that design can be as unique as the business itself.

Adding to the attractiveness of car wraps is the fact that the technology involved in producing new finishes is advancing in leaps and bounds. The newer ‘color-shifting’ wraps that can transition from one color to another are tremendously attractive and have been receiving a lot of attention from car owners who want a truly unique finish to their cars.

Given the anticipated growth of the vinyl wrap industry – and the new products that are reaching the market (and the cost issue) it is a sure bet that the industry will be with us for the foreseeable future – and that it will continue on its current growth path.

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